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traffic jam

Automobiles Are Making Cities Unhealthy Places to Live

Automobiles — and the planning and infrastructure to support them — are making our cities sick, according to an international group of researchers. The team is publishing a three-part series in Read More >

Cancer Center

Can Cholesterol Be Used in Cancer Therapy?

Researchers have identified a “metabolic vulnerability” in the aggressive and incurable brain cancer glioblastoma (GBM) and shown how it can potentially be exploited for therapy. The study, led Read More >

Back Pain

A Spine Surgeon Says Not to Rush to Surgery

If you suffer from low back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. When your back hurts, your life hurts. You’ll do anything to stop the pain, and often surgery is billed as the go-to solutio Read More >

Alzheimers Patient
Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias

Alzheimer’s Disease and Decision Making: Do I Know You?

The heartbreak associated with losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease is indescribable. One day, an adult child holds the hand of a parent; the parent asks, “Do I know you?” and the child Read More >


Hot Flashes May Have A Genetic Link

Are hot flashes, the universal symbol of menopause, linked to genetics?

A team of UCLA-led researchers may have found a clue in a first-of-its kind study: gene variants that affect a recepto Read More >

Living Well

retirement plan
Money Matters

What You and Your Financial Adviser Are Missing

Imagine a person who has invested a hefty sum of money and is in dire need of assistance managing that investment.

And imagine that person’s financial advisor saying he or she can do littl Read More >

real estate
Money Matters

Could Investing in Real Estate Be Your Path to a Stable Retirement?

As much as American workers look forward to retirement, many of them also worry that retirement is a luxury they can’t afford.

In fact, about one-fourth express concerns about running out Read More >

happy senior woman after sex

As Women Age, Less Sex Can Mean More Satisfaction

Numerous quantitative studies have shown that many aspects of sexual function decline in midlife women. But the news might not be all bad, as a new study done at the University of Pittsburgh demons Read More >

middle age skin

Putting Middle-Aged Skin Problems in Perspective

As women enter their 40s, they may begin experiencing a host of medical concerns that might not have been challenges when they were younger. Yet what most women in their forties and beyond don’t Read More >

happy senior couple in bed

The Biggest Sex Myths That Could Ruin Your Relationship

Attaining sexual satisfaction can sometimes feel like searching for the Holy Grail. In fact, a study done in 2016 reported that a shockingly high number of people say that they routinely have “ba Read More >


junk food
Diet & Nutrition

Stress and Bad Food Choices

When it comes to food choices, stress counts for a lot, according to researchers from The Ohio State University.

In their study, unstressed women who ate a biscuits-and-gravy breakfast made Read More >

gaining weight, help on scale
Weight Loss

10 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Gaining or Not Losing Weight

When we see people who are overweight, many commonly assume that the individual is overeating and not exercising.  Neither of these instances is cause for prejudice, fat shaming or other Read More >


Amazing + Unique Apple Recipes – Perfect for Fall!

It’s apple picking season – the perfect excuse to head outside for some family fun, or have a romantic day with that special someone and enjoy the crisp fall weather. And what better way to enj Read More >

happy woman on scale
Weight Loss

5 Common Things That Happen When You Lose A Noticeable Amount Of Weight

Whenever someone chooses to commit to a weight loss journey, it’s not just a physical transformation that happens, but a mental transformation as well. Regardless of how long it takes for people Read More >

couple looking at food in supermarket
Diet & Nutrition

What Every Consumer Should Know about Foods And Flavors

Editor’s note: It’s understandable if shoppers get confused by the array of food labels confronting them in the supermarket. Experts from the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) help you Read More >


senior couple cycling

Your Best Cycling Days May Be Ahead of You

I loved riding my bicycle as a kid, and whizzing along wooded roads with friends on crisp autumn days. For me, the images of blurred leaves and sunshine are still fresh, as are the feelings of free Read More >

mature couple exercising

Measuring Your Fitness Progress

Editor’s note: We all know the importance of fitness, but it can sometimes be discouraging to think we’re not making any progress. Still, that’s probably not the case. Experts from the Nation Read More >

How Do I Know if I have PsA?

Can You Exercise with Pain?

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something might be wrong. But, according to the experts at Go4Life, a division of the National Institute on Aging, say that doesn’t necessarily mean Read More >

measuring height of a woman

How to Adjust to Shrinking Stature as You Age

Have you noticed as you’ve gotten older that there are some activities or skills that you can no longer perform? It may be because you’ve gotten shorter. As we age, we shrink.

Starting a Read More >


Life after Fitbit

Why do people quit self-tracking devices like Fitbit?

University of Washington researchers have found a number of reasons: Some don’t like what their Fitbit or financial tracking tools rev Read More >


Alzheimers Patient
Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias

Alzheimer’s Disease and Decision Making: Do I Know You?

The heartbreak associated with losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease is indescribable. One day, an adult child holds the hand of a parent; the parent asks, “Do I know you?” and the child Read More >

worried adult daughter with mother

Understanding and Coping with Behavioral Changes in Seniors

Aging can bring a cascade of physical and emotional changes. The variety of resulting behavioral changes may baffle or worry an older adult’s loved ones. As America’s population increasingly gr Read More >


Alzheimer's: When to Take Away The Keys

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s presents a range of issues, and one of the t oughest is deciding whether it’s time to take away the keys to the car.

According to experts from Harvar Read More >

Cat grabbing food

“Food Puzzles” Can Boost Your Cat’s Wellbeing

The effect of “food puzzles” on cats is a relatively new area of study and a group of veterinarians and cat behavior consultants in the USA provide a welcome addition to the peer-reviewed liter Read More >

first date

The Perilous First Dates: What You Need to Know

The first date is one of the most perilous parts of any relationship. People micro-analyze each other’s behavior and each tries to be on their best behavior. However, the good news is that people Read More >


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