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brain balance
Brain Health

Sound Therapy May Balance Brain Signals to Reduce Blood Pressure & Migraines

A noninvasive neurotechnology that uses sound to balance right- and left-side brain frequencies was associated with lowered blood pressure, improved heart rate variability, and reduced symptoms of Read More >

Health Headlines

Light Therapy May Someday Help Fight Heart Disorders

Using high-tech human heart models and mouse experiments, scientists at Johns Hopkins and Germany’s University of Bonn have shown that beams of light could replace electric shocks in patients ree Read More >

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Skin Health

Scar Treatments Can Improve Patients' Quality of Life

Editor’s note: Although scarring may seem like a minor problem, it’s more than skin deep. Here, the American Academy of Dermatologists ( explains why it occurs and what you can do about Read More >

Brain Health

How “Super Aging” Older Adults Retain Youthful Memory Abilities

Some loss of memory is often considered an inevitable part of aging, but new research reveals how some people appear to escape that fate. A study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigato Read More >

Sexual Health

Sex in Later Years: Healthier for Women than Men?

Having sex frequently – and enjoying it – puts older men at higher risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. For older women, however, good sex may actually lower the risk of hy Read More >

Living Well

mature couple with financial adviser
Money Matters

Why You Shouldn't Be Friends with Your Broker

Building a trusting relationship with a financial professional is important because you’ll be sharing information about your assets and income, and you’ll want to feel confident when acting on Read More >

mature souple sex

Unexpected Advice About Love & Sex

A study published by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles has found that a shockingly high number of men and women experience some form of sexual difficulty. From performance anxi Read More >


Sex Problems After a Heart Attack Are More Common for Women Than for Men

New research from the University of Chicago found that more than half of women (59%) and less than half (46%) of men reported sexual function problems in the year after a heart attack. The investig Read More >

Money Matters

How to Boost Social Security Benefits for Surviving Spouses

When the surviving spouse is older than age 70, the Social Security claiming regimen is simple. But it’s trickier if the surviving spouse is younger. The recent crackdown on Social Security claim Read More >


Work-Life Balance: What It Really Means

Everybody talks about work-life balance, but what does it really involve? Glad you asked! Here are the six components of work-life balance. Master these, and you’ve got it made in the shade:

Read More >


eating red meat
Diet & Nutrition

The Range of Negative Health Effects Linked to Eating Red Meat

You’ve heard before that eating red meat is not a great idea is you want to stay healthy. Yet you and yours may still be avoiding the warnings. If you’re consuming steaks, rib roasts, and burge Read More >


7 Healthy Food Swaps That Actually Taste Delicious!

Food swaps are a clever was to focus on small simple changes that can make eating healthy easier. There are many delicious ways to sub healthier ingredients for higher calorie ones – without feel Read More >


6 Genius Avocado Recipes

Avocados make just about anything better—which is why the team at thirdAGE loves these magical, tasty green fruits so much (yes, though we think of them as veggies, they are technically fruits). Read More >

Vitamin B12

B12: The Most Important Vitamin?

“Pins and needles” in the hands. Trouble walking. Severe joint pain. For one 62-year-old man, those symptoms turned out to be due not to a deadly illness, but to a deficiency in one of the most Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

The Truth about "Clean Eating"

Clean eating is the practice of choosing foods in their whole-food state, and avoiding processed and refined foods. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, the interpretation of clean eating can var Read More >


measuring height of mature woman

How to Adjust to Shrinking Stature as You Age

Have you noticed as you’ve gotten older that there are some activities or skills that you can no longer perform? It may be because you’ve gotten shorter. As we age, we shrink.

Starting a Read More >


Life after Fitbit

Why do people quit self-tracking devices like Fitbit?

University of Washington researchers have found a number of reasons: Some don’t like what their Fitbit or financial tracking tools rev Read More >

A Cause to Keep Moving

The Emotional Benefits of Exercise

Research has shown that the benefits of exercise go beyond just physical wellbeing. Exercise helps support emotional and mental health. So next time  you’re feeling down, anxious, or stresse Read More >

mature woman at physical therapy

Best Balance Boosters

As we get older, good nutrition and good lifestyle habits are essential, but so is balance – and the experts at Harvard Health Publications say that we often don’t pay enough attention to that. Read More >


Fabulous Fitness Travel

Staying in shape is easy when you’re on home turf. But what happens when you travel? It’s the perfect time to try a new fitness regimen! A change of scenery may be just what you need to make yo Read More >


worried adult daughter with mother

Understanding and Coping with Behavioral Changes in Seniors

Aging can bring a cascade of physical and emotional changes. The variety of resulting behavioral changes may baffle or worry an older adult’s loved ones. As America’s population increasingly gr Read More >


Alzheimer's: When to Take Away The Keys

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s presents a range of issues, and one of the t oughest is deciding whether it’s time to take away the keys to the car.

According to experts from Harvar Read More >


“Food Puzzles” Can Boost Your Cat’s Wellbeing

The effect of “food puzzles” on cats is a relatively new area of study and a group of veterinarians and cat behavior consultants in the USA provide a welcome addition to the peer-reviewed liter Read More >

first date

The Perilous First Dates: What You Need to Know

The first date is one of the most perilous parts of any relationship. People micro-analyze each other’s behavior and each tries to be on their best behavior. However, the good news is that people Read More >

mature couple on a date

When Parents Resume Dating - and What Their Children Have to Say

When our children were young, it seems like everything that we parents did was “right” – at least in their eyes. We were the omnipotent heroes, the sageS, the wisest among the wise. We had al Read More >


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