scuttle good sex

5 Things That Can Scuttle Good Sex

Here, according to the experts at Harvard Medical School, are five issues that can keep you and your partner from enjoying sex – especially if you’re over age 50:

Performance anxiety
A person may become so worried about sexual performance that sex is no longer enjoyable — or even possible. Performance anxiety becomes more common for both men and women as they move into their 50s.

Body image and self-esteem
There are plenty of things that can make a person feel less than sexy. Gravity is not kind to the body as it ages. Childbirth, a poor diet, weight gain, or thinning hair can also leave a person feeling less than desirable. Such feelings can get in the way of a sense of closeness or inspired lovemaking — and can inhibit a person from initiating or responding to sexual advances.

Expectations and past experiences
Your sexuality is a natural drive that’s with you from birth, but your family, culture, religious background, the media, and your peers shape your attitudes toward sex. For some people, this history supports a healthy enjoyment of sex. For others, it complicates sexual relationships.

Stress and lifestyle changes
Stress and fatigue can quickly sap your sex drive. Stress can hit from any direction — challenging children, financial worries, aging parents, health concerns, career woes, and more. An overload of competing demands may keep you and your partner from nurturing many aspects of your relationship, sexual and otherwise.

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