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7 Ways to Become A Positive Thinker

While it may seem as if good things just seem to happen to ‘good’ people and the good life seems to be easier for some to attain, than others, here’s some good news.

These people don’t simply “get lucky”. Instead, they’re proactive in the way they live their lives. They’ve made a choice: to take deliberate action, avoiding what often becomes the chaos of reacting. And the experiences they create begin with the thoughts they think.

How does the positive thinker create the good life just by thinking differently?

Positive thoughts naturally lead to positive feelings.

Positive feelings lead to positive emotions.

Positive emotions then promote positive behaviors.

Positive behavior creates positive outcomes.

A real example of applying these proactive steps could look something like this:

You’re thinking about how wonderful spending some quality time with a person you love could be. Of course, just thinking about the time you’ll spend together brings about positive thoughts. These thoughts, in turn, lead to positive feelings and emotions (such as love or joy) and in experiencing these emotions, you are more inclined to behave in ways that align with those positive feelings. You may become more supportive, affectionate, loving or compassionate as a result. As you become more supportive or compassionate, you find you have more to give, behaving in a manner that expresses your compassion, saying and doing nice things out of your place of feeling good!

What Positive Thinkers Do

Positive thinkers become positive ‘doers’. Any random act of kindness by you (whether words or deeds) may just be the catalyst that another person needs for their own difficult day to be changed into a good one. Your kind and positive word or gesture enables them to view life from a different and possibly better perspective. While the immediate outcome is that you’ve helped another person smile, feel valued or appreciated, the more extended outcome will be their own experience with more positive thoughts, which will turn into positive feelings, emotions, behaviors… allowing the cycle to continue. Imagine! An entire scenario like this, made possible from your positive thoughts!

Why Positive Thinkers Create the Good Life

You have thousands of thoughts throughout the course of a typical day. Can you see the potential power of the positive thinker to change, not only their life, but also the lives of others?

The Good Life doesn’t have to be an elusive dream experience by only a few “lucky ones”. The good life is within the reach of anyone who wants it. Here are seven proactive tips for creating yours:

Retrain Negative Thinking: Counter every negative thought with something more positive. For example, “I’m so fat” is countered with “I’m making healthy choices every day.”