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Women's Health

Surgery May Be Preferred for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Surgery or the implantation of a device known as a pessary are the two methods of dealing with pelvic organ prolapse. Now, researchers have found patients who undergo surgery have a better quality Read More >

Addiction & Substance Overuse

More Older Americans Using Cannabis

The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has reported in the January 2017 issue of The Gerontologist that cannabis use by persons over age 50 has outpaced recent growth ob Read More >

Sleep Health

Five Steps to a Good Night's Sleep

Anyone who has ever had a bad night’s sleep knows that sleep deprivation is no joke. Sleep directly affects your mood, productivity and decision making all day long. The health experts at Envolve Read More >

Mental & Emotional Health

Five Practices to Help You Thrive in Perilous Times

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, where you live, your age, marital status, race, religion, sexual orientation or profession, 2017 is likely to be a year unlike any we’ve ev Read More >


Chair Yoga an Effective Treatment for Osteoarthritis

For the millions of older adults who suffer from osteoarthritis in their lower extremities (hip, knee, ankle or foot), chair yoga is proving to be an effective way to reduce pain and improve qualit Read More >

Living Well

Money Matters

It’s Time For Your "Lazy Money" To Get More Industrious

Everyone’s goal in the world of investing is a secure financial future.

But it could be that your security, as well as your bottom line, is being victimized by the deadbeat of the financia Read More >

senior couple at computer

Money Isn't The Only Thing You Need in Retirement

It’s the dream retirement many people anticipate for decades.

Hang out around the pool all day. Play one round of golf after the other. Finally read that teetering stack of books on the ni Read More >

grandparents with grandchildren

Study: Help Others and Live Longer

Older people who help and support others such as their grandchildren live longer, according to a news release about research conducted by investigators from Australia, Switzerland and Germany.

Read More >

Money Matters

3 Things Women Should Know If They Outlive Their Spouse

The importance of women taking an active role in a couple’s financial planning represents more than just jockeying over who gets to control the checking account.

Women on average live long Read More >

papers pile up on woman's desk
Stress-Free Living

Vanquishing Information Overload

Too much information, constantly, can lead to stress. Each day, do you feel besieged by information on a continual basis?  There is good reason: one estimate holds that information doubles in the Read More >


Diet & Nutrition

How to Win The Battle of The Buffet

“All-you-can-eat” buffets may look great, but they can lead to overeating. Here, some tips from the experts at, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, on how to Read More >


Sugar Alert

Editor’s note: Sugar plays a role in serious conditions such as diabetes and obesity. And even for the healthiest among us, it provides only empty calories. You might think it’s easy to recogni Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

7 Strategies to Curb Cravings, Practice Mindful Eating and Lose Weight for Good

America, we have a problem. More than two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. The statistics are staggering, but they shouldn’t lead us to believe the problem is insurmoun Read More >

microbiota and diet
Diet & Nutrition

Your Gut Microbes May “Remember” What You Ate, and Make a New Diet Less Effective

Your microbiota may not be on your side as you try improving your diet this New Year. In a study published December 29 2016 in Cell Host & Microbe, Researchers found that certain human gut bact Read More >

mediterranean diet
Diet & Nutrition

Mediterranean Diet May Have Lasting Effects on Brain Health

A January 2017 study shows that older people who followed a Mediterranean diet retained more brain volume over a three-year period than those who did not follow the diet as closely. The study was p Read More >



Social Goals Help Older Adults Walk More

Social goals such as charity walks to raise awareness for a cause may be effective in motivating older adults to exercise, according to a study this month in the American Journal of Preventive Medi Read More >

Weekend Warrior

Do Exercise “Weekend Warriors” Lower Their RIsks of Death?

Is being a “weekend warrior” and cramming the recommended amount of weekly physical activity into one or two sessions associated with lower risks for death? Yes, according to an article Read More >

cycling in bed

Cycling in Bed is Safe for ICU Patients

Early bicycle exercise during their stay in a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) may help some patients recover more quickly, according to researchers at McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Read More >

i have results
Diet & Nutrition

Six Surprising Strategies for Nailing Your New Year's Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

Right now you’re fired up to hit the new year running. You’re going to lose those extra pounds you’ve been hauling around. You’re going to run a 5k. You’re going to fi Read More >

Mature woman hiking
Mind/Body Wellness

Detox Your Attitude in 2017

Editor’s note: When it comes to detoxing, most of us think of our bodies. But detoxing our mental attitudes can be just as important – and can help us achieve our goals as well as feel bett Read More >


Talking to grandchildren

How To Talk To Your Grandchildren About Hearing Loss

You love your grandchildren — their smiles, the way they look like their parents did when they were young, and their exuberance — but sometimes, they are very hard to hear. Children have a way Read More >

dog food item

Bisphenol A in Canned Dog Food May Increase BPA Concentrations in Pets and People

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a widely used industrial chemical found in many household items, including resins used to line metal storage containers, such as food cans. Now, researchers at the University o Read More >


7 Tips for All Caregivers: Be Prepared.

Here, from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, are tips for caregivers:

Keep a list of medicines for each person you care for. Include over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, v Read More >

elderly couple

Elderly Couples In Assisted Living Still Need Intimate and Social Relationships

Researchers have found that both intimate and social relationships are important for adults in assisted-living facilities.

In a study conducted at Georgia State University, inivestigators fo Read More >

holiday cat and dog

Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards

This holiday season, while you’re busy decorating, cooking, and wrapping gifts, remember to watch out for holiday temptations for your pets. FDA veterinarian Carmela Stamper tells how to keep you Read More >


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