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Mental & Emotional Health

Is It Past Time to Reprogram the Software In Your Brain?

We all fall into habits and routines – it’s the nature of being human.

But even when you realize your daily behaviors are inhibiting you from achieving your goals, that doesn’t mean yo Read More >

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Brain Cancer

Simple Steps to Reduce Breast-Cancer Risk

When it comes to breast-cancer prevention, most women know about the importance of self-examinations, mammograms and any genetic factors.

But other steps that can help women avoid breast can Read More >

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Sexual Health

The Best Ways to Manage Vaginal Dryness

Most of us have experienced it – changes, dramatic or not, to our most private parts. Whether it’s vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, vaginal itching or burning, painful urination, even Read More >

Mental & Emotional Health

8 Steps That Can Lead You to a More Fulfilling Life

There’s a reason people love the start of a New Year – or the first day of spring, or maybe the first day of school.

The idea of a clean slate – of making changes or starting over fres Read More >

Heart Health

Heart-Disease Admissions Jump Two Days After Major Snowfalls

Hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease jump 23 percent two days after a major snowfall, according to a new study led by researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Th Read More >

Living Well

Money Matters

Why Retired Women Are More Prone To Financial Crisis

Men and women both face obstacles and challenges in planning for retirement, but women often travel a thornier path. In most cases, women have earned less than men over the years. They also often h Read More >

Money Matters

3 Ways To Talk With Aging Parents About Finances

One benefit of the increasing life expectancies for Americans is that more people have bonus years for enjoying the company of their aging parents.

But all is not rosy. Those extended years Read More >


Is Your Road To Retirement Poorly Mapped Out?

Can you imagine going on an extended vacation without making any plans? No websites or tour guides consulted. No hotel reservations made. No itinerary mapped out.

Of course not. If you wante Read More >

Money Matters

It’s Time For Your "Lazy Money" To Get More Industrious

Everyone’s goal in the world of investing is a secure financial future.

But it could be that your security, as well as your bottom line, is being victimized by the deadbeat of the financia Read More >

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Money Isn't The Only Thing You Need in Retirement

It’s the dream retirement many people anticipate for decades.

Hang out around the pool all day. Play one round of golf after the other. Finally read that teetering stack of books on the ni Read More >


Diet & Nutrition

Tips for Re-Thinking Eating for Better Heart Health

February is a Heart Health Month, making it the perfect time to find ways to re-think what we eat in order to help lead us to better heart health. It’s an issue that most of us need to pay attent Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

The Hidden Health Hazard in Alcohol

Editor’s note: Junk food (and beverages) are heavy on what experts call empty calories – i.e. the calories add up, but without any benefit to you. They won’t leave you satisfied until your ne Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

Protein from Meat, Fish, and Vegetables Is Good for Muscles as We Age

Researchers from Hebrew Senior Life’s Institute for Aging Research and University of Massachusetts Lowell have discovered that adults with higher intakes of dietary protein from both animals Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

Make Your Takeout Healthier

Almost everyone loves Chinese takeout, whether it’s pork fried rice or Peking duck. But this popular cuisine can be heavy in fat and salt. The experts at choosemyplate, a division of the U.S. Dep Read More >


Enjoy a Healthy Italian Meal When Eating Out

Editor’s note: If you’re trying to watch your weight or improve your eating, you know that going out for a meal can be one of the greatest temptations to lose your resolve. For those who love I Read More >



Regular Exercise Lowers Chances of Mobility Problems

According to a release from the Health in Aging Foundation, nearly one in four adults aged 65 and older has trouble walking or climbing stairs–and 3.4 million older adults have trouble taking Read More >


The Right Workout Clothes Can be A Great Motivator

Editor’s note: There are so many kinds of activewear available today that picking the right outfit can be a challenge, especially if you’re a beginner at the sport you’ve chosen. Read More >

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An Action Plan for Getting and Staying Healthy

We’re always promising ourselves that we’ll change to better health habits. Do you want to actually do it?

“It’s the ultimate personal challenge,” says Leigh Stringer, author of Th Read More >


Fitness Trackers and Weight Gain

Although millions of us love our fitness trackers, the popular devices may not help as much with weight loss as we think. An article on the Mayo Clinic News Network cites research saying that one i Read More >


Moderate Exercise and Chronic Disease

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine have found how just one session of moderate exercise can also act as an anti-inflammatory. The findings have encouraging implica Read More >


Relationships & Love

Showing Your Love Can Ease Your Partner’s Depression

The more depressed your romantic partner may be, the more love you should give that person. That is the finding of research done at the University of Alberta in Canada and published in February 201 Read More >

Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias

Caring for Elders with Dementia: Tips for Family Members

Someone in the United States develops dementia every 66 seconds, according to the Alzheimer’s Association 2016 “Facts and Figures”. The diagnosis is devastating for those who have the disease Read More >


E-Cigarettes Are Expanding Tobacco Product Use Among Youth

Parent and grandparent alert! E-cigarettes, thought by some to be responsible for a decline in youth cigarette smoking, are actually attracting a new population of adolescents who might not otherwi Read More >

baby crib and heart

Keeping Kids Safe in Cribs

As any parent whose baby has spent some time in the hospital knows, all cribs are not created equal. In most cases, hospital cribs (also called pediatric medical cribs) differ significantly from wh Read More >


Don’t Speak: The “Censorship” of Grief

“Don’t speak
I know what you’re saying
So please stop explaining
Don’t tell me cause it hurts”

“Don’t Speak”, song and lyrics by Eric Stefani a Read More >


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