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anxiety insomnia

Tips for Beating Anxiety to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Many people with anxiety disorders have trouble sleeping. That’s a problem. Too little sleep affects mood, contributing to irritability and sometimes depression. Vital functions occur during diff Read More >

happy older couple
Mental & Emotional Health

Good News as We Age! We’re Happier Now Than Ever, Health Issues and All.

A study done by researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and published in the August 2016 issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry suggests a paradoxical trend in th Read More >

MYTH: I cannot develop breast cancer if I do not have BCRA1 or BCRA2 gene mutations.
Breast Cancer

Why Some Breast-Cancer Tumors Resist Medicine

A team of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine cancer researchers has uncovered one way certain tumors resist vital medication.

In the study, published in Oncotarget, the resea Read More >

Skin Health

Does Your Skin Have a Hangover?

Before stepping out for that weekly happy hour, think about how those libations may impact your skin. What many people don’t realize is that drinking alcohol in excess can have a negative impact Read More >

no backuo plan
Mental & Emotional Health

Backup Plans May Keep You From Achieving Your Goal

When it comes to setting organizational and personal goals, making a backup plan has been seen as a sensible way to deal with uncertainty — to be prepared if things don’t go as expected.

Read More >

Living Well

Social Security and dice
Money Matters

The Absolutely, Positively Best Time To File For Social Security – All Depends

You can begin drawing Social Security as early as age 62, finally getting back those dollars you’ve been paying into the system, possibly since you were a teenager handling cashier duties for a f Read More >

man at work

Typical Gender Expectations Hurt Men as Well as Women

Gendered expectations in marriage are not just bad for women, they are also bad for men, according to a new study by University of Connecticut (UConn) sociologists.

The study, “Relative In Read More >

love your work

Looking For The Perfect Job? You May Have Already Found It!

What’s your passion? Family? Gardening? Rock climbing?

Now think about where your job falls in your list of passions. For many, a job is just a means to an end – it provides money for an Read More >

adult children
Money Matters

Helping Adult Children: a Loan Often Beats a Gift

Parents often want to help their adult children who need a financial boost. Should they? It can be a great idea or a terrible idea, depending on the circumstances.

My first rule: Don’t let Read More >

happy mature couple
Aging Well

4 Key Factors That Can Improve Your Quality of Life As You Age

When it comes to aging, Americans harbor plenty of concerns. Going broke. Succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease. Spending the final lonely years in a nursing home.

But there’s no need to thi Read More >



Should You Ever Skip Washing Produce?

Editor’s note: Food poisoning ranges from the possibly fatal to the just yucky. Here, the Mayo Clinic talks about what fruits and vegetables you should pre-wash – and which ones should you leav Read More >

supermarket shopping
Diet & Nutrition

Debunking the “Food Desert” Myth: People Buy Most of Their Junk Food at the Supermarket

An analysis of a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults done by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reveals that access to healthy foods in a supermarket does not Read More >

farmer's market

What Makes a Good Farmer's Market?

It’s a typical farmer’s market scene: freshly harvested honey from local hives, locally rendered goat cheese, carved wood ornaments. Perhaps even more so than food, you’ll find plenty of craf Read More >

Gluten-Free: Legitimate Cure or Costly Gimmick?

Gluten-Free Foods: Making the Right Choices

“Gluten-free” is one of the most popular food categories today. Mayo Clinic experts share what you should know about it, and what traps to avoid:

Gluten-free diets are those that omit th Read More >

Diet & Nutrition

Frequent Nut Consumption Associated with Less Inflammation

In a study of more than 5,000 people, investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston have found that greater intake of nuts was associated with lower levels of biomarkers of inflammati Read More >


Walking shoes, sneakers

Exercise Improves Brain as Well as Body

Researchers have discovered that regular physical activity for older adults could lead to higher brain volumes and a reduced risk for developing dementia.

The investigators, from UCLA, found Read More >


Staying Safe while Exercising

Here, the experts from Go4Life, a division of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), are some good ways to stay safe while you’re getting fit – or fitter:

You’ve made a plan to be more Read More >

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go Could Be a Solution to Obesity and Chronic Disease

Researchers at the University of Leicester’s Diabetes Centre in the UK believe the smartphone craze Pokémon Go could be an “innovative solution” to rising obesity levels and chronic disease. Read More >

weights, cartoon

Lighter Weights Are Just as Effective as Heavier Weights

Research from McMaster University in Canada is challenging traditional workout wisdom by suggesting that lifting lighter weights many times is as efficient as lifting heavy weights for fewer repeti Read More >

walking business meeting

Walking Meetings Could Mean Healthier Lives for Office Workers

Changing just one seated meeting per week at work into a walking meeting increased the work-related physical activity levels of white-collar workers by 10 minutes, according to research published b Read More >



Indoor Trampoline Park Injuries Are an Emerging Public Health Concern

Parent and grandparent alert! Indoor trampoline park injuries are an “emerging public health concern,” warn Australian doctors in the August 2016 issue of the journal Injury Prevention.

Read More >

mature couple smart phone, social media

We Understand That Social Media Doesn’t Equal Social Interaction

If you worry that people today are using social media as a crutch for a real social life, a study done at the University of Kansas in Lawrence will set you at ease.

An August 2016 release fr Read More >

adult children
Money Matters

Helping Adult Children: a Loan Often Beats a Gift

Parents often want to help their adult children who need a financial boost. Should they? It can be a great idea or a terrible idea, depending on the circumstances.

My first rule: Don’t let Read More >

sweet solitude
Living Single

Sweet Solitude: The Truth about a Fulfilling Single Life

Single people have richer social lives and more psychological growth than married people do. That’s the inexpected finding of Bella DePaulo, PhD, a scientist at the University of California, Sant Read More >


7 Things to Know about Long-Distance Caregiving

Caregiving is difficult and stressful, and caregiving from a distance adds another level of stress. You can reduce that stress, though, if you plan ahead and keep your focus on your priorities. Her Read More >


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