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Anti-Aging Tricks to Banish Dark Circles

Without proper anti-aging skin care, the process of aging can take a heavy toll on the eyes, especially because the skin in that area is so sensitive. One of the most visible signs of aging on the face is the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, which, while not necessarily dangerous to human health, are unpleasant to look at, making them one of the main focuses of anti-aging skin care.

Why Do I Get Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

Aside from a lack of sleep, dark circles around the eyes can be caused by the thinning of the skin in this area, which occurs as a natural part of the aging process. The thinning causes a decrease in volume around the eye, exposing the orbital bone; this creates a sort of “gutter” around the eye, resulting in a shadow effect that looks like dark circles. The skin around your eye area is already a lot thinner compared to the rest of the face and body, so the appearance of dark circles around the eyes due to inadequate anti-aging skin care will become noticeable sooner than other aging-related skin changes—even as early as your late 30s.

Besides aging, dark circles around the eyes may also occur because of blood vessels appearing as a result of, again, thinning skin, as well as swelling caused by allergies. Dark circles around the eyes can also be the result of changes in pigmentation, which are more common in people of African or Asian ethnicity. These are both factors you may not even think to consider when it comes to anti-aging skin care.

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

Unfortunately, many of the effective ways to deal with dark circles around the eyes as part of anti-aging skin care involve expensive procedures, such as hyaluronic-acid fillers to add volume underneath the skin and intense pulse light treatments. However, there are plenty of ways to prevent dark circles around the eyes or, at the very least, stop them from getting worse. Many of these tips should be part of your anti-aging skin care regimen.

*Smoking and Sun Protection: As with anti-aging skin care for any part of the body, smoking and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays should be avoided entirely since both cause skin to sag by weakening collagen. For UV rays, this means always applying sunscreen and paying special attention to the area around the eyes, specifically the area of the lower lash line, and wearing large sunglasses with broad-spectrum lenses when you’re outdoors. Broad-spectrum sunscreen can also be used if your dark circles around the eyes are caused by pigmentation.

*Boost Collagen: Already-weakened collagen can be strengthened with anti-aging skin care creams that are high in retinol, which can also reduce the visibility of blood vessels, further preventing dark circles around the eyes. Vitamin C in your anti-aging skin care products can help boost collagen as well, and applying moisturizer to the area around the eyes can help to maintain hydration.