Cancer Drug May Help with Alzheimer's

New research shows that a cancer drug administered to rats improved their memory and made them more attuned to what they were hearing. And that could point the way to better treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Just Say No to Pantyhose!

By Eve Marx

How to Handle Urinary Incontinence

Sarah loves to spend time with her friends talking about her grandchildren and going to exercise classes with neighbors. But she’s started to have a problem that keeps her from getting out. It’s embarrassing, but lately Sarah hasn’t been able to get to the bathroom before she wets her pants. She doesn’t know what’s happening, but the problem is keeping Sarah at home.

5 Ways Exercise Improves Your Quality of Life

Exercise not only helps you live longer — it helps you live better. In addition to making your heart and muscles stronger and fending off a host of diseases, it can also improve your mental and emotional functioning and even bolster your productivity and close relationships. Read on for advice from the experts at Harvard Medical School about five ways in which exercise can improve your quality of life.

Should Women Have an Annual Pelvic Exam?

For decades, pelvic exams have been a regular part of a woman's annual doctor visit. In 2014, new evidence-based guidelines from the American College of Physicians (ACP) recommended against routine pelvic exam for asymptomatic adult women at average risk. The evidence showed that the diagnostic accuracy of the screening pelvic examination for detecting ovarian cancer or bacterial vaginosis is low; the test rarely detects noncervical cancer or other treatable conditions; and was not associated with improved health outcomes.


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