Coconut Oil May Someday Help Fight Infections

 Coconut oil could help reduce the use of antifungal drugs, say researchers who have discovered that it controls the pathogen known as C. albicans.

Predicting Lifespan and "Healthspan"

As humans have begun to live longer it has become clear that the quality of our lives is equally as important as the duration. In the lab, a dramatic extension of lifespan isn’t difficult to achieve. In previous experiments using several types of mutated Caenorhabditis elegans roundworms (C. elegans), researchers were able to significantly extend the worm’s lifespan.

Fighting Diabetes' Deadly Impact on Minorities

You inherit more than your eye and hair color from your family. You can also inherit a predisposition for diabetes, a disease that disproportionally affects racial and ethnic minorities.

The Office of Minority Health (OMH) at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is building relationships with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and other groups to help Americans prevent and treat diabetes, and to address the disparity in how severely it affects minority groups in particular.

Seven Price Hikes - and How to Save in Spite of Them

By Andrea Woroch

When headlines announce price hikes for coffee and chocolate, consumers tend to get frazzled. However, dishing out a few extra cents on these indulgences doesn't create a major financial burden. When expenses like healthcare and bank fees rise, everyone needs to perk up and learn how to protect personal and family finances.

Here are seven goods and services with prices on the rise, along with tips on how to squash extra spending on such essentials.

1. ATM Fees

Why Maintaining Your Body’s Circadian Rhythm is Important

By Diane Blum

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavior changes that follow a 24-hour cycle within our bodies. This internal clock is controlled by the hypothalamus in our brains, in response to light and darkness, as well as other external cues such as temperature. Nearly every hormone in the human body is released in response to our body’s circadian clock.


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