Falls Becoming More Frequent in Older Adults

Falls among older adults appear to have been increasing over a 12-year period, according to a new study. And the increase isn’t due to rising numbers of older people.

The findings from the nationally representative study were published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

How to Get Rid of Dangerous Meds Safely

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emphasizes that while medicines play an important role in treating many conditions and diseases, it’s important to dispose of them properly to avoid harm to others. Below, the agency lists some disposal options and some special disposal instructions to consider when throwing out expired, unwanted, or unused medicines.

The Benefits of Meditation and Waking Up

by Barb Schmidt, author of THE PRACTICE

Waking Up is a daily morning meditation that helps you tap into your inner source of strength and wisdom. These quiet minutes establish your intention to be present and mindful throughout the day. This morning meditation helps to calm, center, and empower you as you establish a peaceful state of mind. It enables you to greet life’s challenges and opportunities from a grounded place. Embrace this simple morning routine and discover its life-changing benefits!

Toward Inhalable Vaccines for Flu, Pneumonia & TB

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University have uncovered a novel approach to creating inhalable vaccines using nanoparticles that shows promise for targeting lung-specific diseases such as influenza, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Sexual vs. Emotional Infidelity: How Men & Women Differ

In the largest study to date on infidelity, Chapman University in Orange, California has learned that men and women are different when it comes to feeling jealous. A release from the university reports that with a survey of 63,894 participants ages 18 to 65 years provided the first large-scale examination of gender and sexual orientation differences in response to potential sexual versus emotional infidelity in U.S. adults. The paper was published in January 2015 in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior.


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