Growth Hormone in Beef Cattle More Dangerous Than Previously Thought



Potentially harmful hormones used in beef production are likely to persist for longer in the environment, and at a higher level, than was previous thought, according to new research.

How to Live Your Life with Confidence

Fear, insecurity, self-doubt and the like can be the biggest obstacles many of us face. In order to overcome that negativity, many people turn to unhealthy behaviors, such as overeating or alcohol abuse.

Memorial Day: Honoring and Helping Vets

Memorial Day isn’t only the kickoff to summer, it’s also a time to thank those who fought and died for our country.

But for some veterans, there may not be much cause for celebration.

We hear of far too many mental, emotional and physical problems among the men and women who have served the United States. According to The Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that helps veterans and their families, crucial issues facing veterans include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); depression and anxiety.

“Fuzzy Thinking” in Depression & Bipolar Disorder Is Real

People with depression or bipolar disorder often feel their thinking ability has gotten “fuzzy”, or less sharp than before their symptoms began. rResearchers at the University of Michigan have shown in a very large study that effect is indeed real – and rooted in brain activity differences that show up on advanced brain scans. The paper was published in May 2015 in the journal Brain.

Medical Marijuana May Not Be Effective in Treating Symptoms of Dementia

A study done in the Netherland suggests that medical marijuana pills may not help treat behavioral symptoms of dementia such as aggression, pacing and wandering. The research was published in the May 13, 2015 online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. However, researchers did find that the drug dosage used in the clinical trial was safe and well-tolerated.


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