Add Strength Training to Your Workout Program

While aerobic exercise is usually emphasized by fitness experts, strength training can also provide cardiovascular benefits, according to the experts at Harvard Medical School.

"Strength training maintains and may even increase muscle mass, which people tend to lose as they age," Dr. Rania Mekary, a visiting assistant professor of surgery at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital and assistant professor at MCPHS University, told the Harvard Heart Letter.

New Sepsis-Treatment Guidelines Can Help Save Patients


University of Pittsburgh researchers have developed guidelines that will help health care facilities comply with tough new regulations on treating sepsis.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs. It occurs in more than 230,000 U.S. patients every year, with most initially receiving care in an emergency department. More than one in five septic shock patients do not survive.

“Fruits and Vegetables” Isn’t One Thing

By Diane Blum

How many times have you heard someone say, “Eat your fruits and vegetables”, as if it is one single category of food?

Even the government has fruits and vegetables sharing a single level on their 4-level Food Guide Pyramid.

But are they really that similar, and seemingly interchangeable?

The answer? It depends.

Is Hospice Use Alone a Good Indicator of Quality of End-of-Life Care?

Hospice use is commonly accepted as an indicator of quality of end-of-life care. However, when researchers in the U.S. studied variations in patterns of hospice use between states, they found troubling trends. They discuss the variations in the timing and duration of hospice enrollment and their implications in an article published in August 2015 in Journal of Palliative Medicine.


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