Environment More Important than Genes for Immune System

Environment may be a stronger factor than genes in shaping the human immune system, according to a new study.

Research conducted by investigators from the Stanford University School of Medicine also found that the role of environment grows stronger with age.

Six Tips to Start Investing in Yourself

By Peter C. Diamond

It’s easy to forget that you are your own best asset because so much time is spent reacting to the wants and needs of others. With the omnipresent demands of family and work, you find little time for yourself.

Electric Stimulation Tested on Parkinson's Patients

A release from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden reports that researchers at the university’s Sahlgrenska Academy have tested the use of noisy electric stimulation to change the activity of the brain in order to improve motor skills and balance for Parkinson’s patients. The study was published in January 2015 in the scientific journal Brain Stimulation and was conducted in cooperation with researchers at NASA. 

No Evidence Opioids Are Effective for Chronic Pain

A National Institutes of Health white paper that was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in January 2015 reported little to no evidence for the effectiveness of opioid drugs in the treatment of long-term chronic pain, despite the explosive recent growth in the use of the drugs.

Solve the Medical Riddle: She Suspected That Her Husband Was a Closet Drinker, Fourth Week

By Marie Savard MD

Editor’s note: Welcome to our ThirdAge feature that gives you a chance to play medical sleuth as we share the details of what happened when a patient presented with a problem that stumped the physician at first.


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