Emphysema: Basis for Improved Drugs

Elastases of white blood cells are involved in tissue destruction and can thus cause various diseases, including pulmonary emphysema. Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Research Center for Environmental Healthin Neuherberg, have discovered a new isoform which could be involved both in the pathogenesis of diseases such as pulmonary emphysema as well as in the failure of some therapy approaches. The results of the study were published in March 2015 published in the journal Nature Communications.

Dealing with Family Stress When Caring for an Elderly Parent

By Kurt Kazanowski

It’s a time in life that no one looks forward to, but is often times inevitable: caring for an ill and aging parent. On top of the obvious physical and emotional rollercoaster, many families often disagree on what the best course of care is.  Families that have been extremely close for years can all of a sudden end up in shambles, legal battles and more.

New Guidelines for Some Hospital Visitors

Experts have issued new guidelines for people visiting hospital patients with infectious diseases.

The recommendations were published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA).

Medical Costs and Retirement: The Facts

“Growing old ain’t for sissies.”  - Bette Davis

Ms. Davis was right. Between the stiffness, sore joints and pains that come with growing older, aging can get pretty rough. The golden years should be a relaxing time to enjoy life and play with the grandkids.  Unfortunately, because of health-care costs and poor planning, too many senior citizens have to make a choice between medication and eating.

Finding Your Perfect Spring Match

the kinds of people they are attracting, or how of their own habits or ways of thinking led to unsuccessful relationships in the past. Here, Kailen Rosenberg, who has worked as a relationship expert with Oprah Winfrey and hosted an award winning series Lovetown, USA, offers six tips to help you have a romantic season this spring and the rest of the year:


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