Prostate Cancer And A Deadly Protein

Researchers have discovered that a newly discovered protein promotes prostate-cancer cell growth – and the finding could lead to a new therapeutic target for the illness.

Six Practical Ways to Age Well

We learn a lot about the value of good lifestyle habits when growing older. But there are other things you need to do as well to ensure your safety and comfort. In their book A Plan for Successful Aging, the experts from Harvard Medical School cover all aspects of aging well. Here, they focus on what you can do about your environment:

The Feet Don't Lie - Top 10 Things Feet Can Say About Health

Many people don’t visit a podiatrist unless they have a foot problem, but there are several conditions and health signs that have to do with your feet that could also mean a lot more about your overall health. Just one foot exam can clue you in to various health concerns hat may have been otherwise overlooked.

A Call to Action for End-of-Life Care in Nursing Homes

End-of-life care for nursing home residents has long been associated with poor symptom control and low family satisfaction.

Dealing with Spring Allergies

By Marina Gafanovich M.D.

After a long and hard winter, most of us are looking forward to spring. Spring is the season when birds chirp, grass grows, and cool breezes welcome you outside. Yet while the season has its joys, there are some people who suffer from seasonal allergies in the spring. This often makes outdoor activities extremely challenging.


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