Glaucoma Drug Appears to Fight TB

A medicine used for glaucoma could also be used to treat tuberculosis – even the drug-resistant kind, research shows.

Robert Abramovitch, a Michigan State University microbiologist, along with graduate student Benjamin Johnson, have discovered that ethoxzolamide, a sulfa-based compound found in many prescription glaucoma drugs, actually turns off the bacterium’s ability to invade the immune system.

The finding was published in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Caregiving Strategies for Traveling with Alzheimer's Patients

 Taking a person with Alzheimer’s disease on an overnight trip is a challenge. Traveling can make the person more worried and confused, so it’s important to think ahead. Here are some tips from the experts at the National Institute on Aging:

Getting Started

Talk with the person’s doctor about medicines to calm someone who gets upset while traveling.

Find someone to help you at the airport, train station, or bus station.

Challenges of Delirium Detection in Older Adults in the Emergency Department

An estimated one to two million older adults with delirium visit hospital emergency departments in the United States annually. Yet about two-thirds of the cases of this sudden and potentially lethal change in mental status are unrecognized by emergency department clinicians who are under time pressure and almost always managing multiple patients at once.

Preventing Knee Pain in At-Risk Adults with Diabetes

Knee pain in older adults, often caused by osteoarthritis, usually means more visits to the doctor and also can be a harbinger of disability.

A study led by Daniel White, assistant professor of physical therapy at the University of Delaware, found that an intensive regimen of regular exercise and a healthy diet might reduce the short-term onset of knee pain for overweight adults with Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Soybean Oil: The Newest Nutritional Villain?

A diet high in soybean oil causes more obesity and diabetes than a diet high in fructose, a sugar commonly found in soda and processed foods, according to a new study.


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