Author: Susan “Honey” Good

Mature Couple Smiling

A Name Can Ruin Romance

I remembered an incident in my life after reading my writer friend, Barbara Ballinger’s story, “What’s in a name” here. Her story sparked a personal memory dating back twenty-six years. […]

Woman over 50 smiling

Making Friends After 50

About a month ago, on a sunny summer day, I ran into one of my girlfriends in front of the Chanel Boutique. We spoke about making plans with our spouses, promising […]

Woman with dog sitting on stairs

The Pursuit of Happiness

A stranger, a woman, approached me one day as I was walking my pooch, Orchid, at the dog park. “You’re Honey Good?” she asked.  I almost fell over, darlings! “I […]

older woman smiling

You Are Not Invisible

In these days of hair dye, physical fitness, facelifts, breast and tummy tucks… oh, let’s not forget Botox and other chemicals, we older women can live our lives without feeling […]


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