Author: Jane Farrell

flash flood sign

Spring Flooding Safety Tips

Posted by Jane Farrell

Here, from the emergency-management experts at, a national awareness campaign aimed at educating people about natural disasters, is what you should know about the seasonal hazard of flooding and … Read More→

ultrasound machine

Fun with Ultrasound?

Posted by Darcy Thiel

You know my theory. Face the glass half-empty and then from that space, find the half-full. Caring for an aging parent can definitely be a taxing experience. But I have […]

woman in kitchen with child

Healthy Eating for Families

Posted by Jane Farrell

March is National Nutrition Month–a time to shed some light on our food choices and how we can develop some sound eating and physical activity habits. Health professionals seem to … Read More→

mature woman in school

Staying Young in Spirit

Posted by Jane Farrell

Mohr Keet of South Africa bungee jumped when he was 96, landing himself in the Guinness Board of World Records. Yuichiro Miura of Japan climbed Mount Everest when he was … Read More→

healthy family meal
Diet & Nutrition

Best Heart-Healthy Food Choices

Posted by Jane Farrell

Experts affiliated with the nonprofit Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) have recommended whole food, plant-based eating patterns for optimal heart health. The recommendation, by PCRM president and founder Neal … Read More→

gluten free foods

A New Reason to Go Gluten-Free?

Posted by Jane Farrell

Yet another reason to consider going gluten-free: eating more gluten may be associated with a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. That conclusion came from research presented at the … Read More→


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