Author: Jane Farrell


Living with Joy

Posted by Donna Ryan

The New Year had arrived, and the day after the ball dropped in Times Square, we were packing the car and heading home. I made a resolution not to cry […]


Sugar Alert

Posted by Jane Farrell

Editor’s note: Sugar plays a role in serious conditions such as diabetes and obesity. And even for the healthiest among us, it provides only empty calories. You might think it’s … Read More→

stomach ache
Digestive Health

Managing Bad Digestion

Posted by Jane Farrell

The symptoms of indigestion are familiar to most of us: They can range from a vaguely upset stomach to bloating to throwing up. Assuming there’s no other cause for your … Read More→


Bring Back Respect

Posted by Donna Ryan

While I’m not a huge television watcher, I do enjoy a good awards show. With my remote control, a cup of tea, my pj’s on and my coziest blanket, I […]


Women and Problem Drinking

Posted by Jane Farrell

If you think you or a loved one might have a problem with alcohol, the experts from the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcoholism Abuse, one of the National Institutes … Read More→

Person standing on scale
Skin Health

Psoriasis and Weight Loss

Posted by Jane Farrell

People who have psoriasis symptoms can improve the symptoms and their quality of life by losing weight, according to European researchers. The finding, published in The American Journal of Clinical … Read More→


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