Author: Jane Farrell


Your Marital Status and Your Health

Posted by Jane Farrell

Marital status can affect women’s health in a number of ways. A University of Arizona study suggests that women who marry later in life may gain a few extra pounds, … Read More→

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How Medicare Could Save Costs

Posted by Jane Farrell

Current trends in medical billing will lead to Medicare overpaying private insurance programs by hundreds of billions of dollars, according to a new study. The conclusion was reached by researchers … Read More→

Ear Problems

Stop Cleaning Your Ears

Posted by Jane Farrell

If you think you’re being extra hygienic by cleaning the inside of your ears every day with a cotton swab, you might want to take another look at your routine. … Read More→


Update on Aspirin

Posted by Jane Farrell

Although the benefits of aspirin are widely known, Harvard Medical School experts say that the drug isn’t used nearly as widely as it might be. According to an article in … Read More→

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Soul Mates

Posted by Darcy Thiel

I recently had two referrals for grief counseling. One was male, one female. Both lost their spouses recently (three months or less). And both told me their spouse was their […]