Author: Dr. Tania Elliott

Dr. Tania Elliott is the Chief Medical Officer of EHE (Executive Health Exams), the leader in preventive medicine. Since 1913, EHE has been dedicated to helping organizations improve health care, reduce costs and manage risks. Its expertise and tenure in Preventive Healthcare protocols are specifically designed for early detection of preventable disease and associated risk factors. The exam is supported by a full year of post-exam management and care coordination that includes personal health coaching, in-network physician referrals, patient engagement and resources to support population health management. EHE is the only preventive healthcare program available nationally. Its clinically based educational and social-engagement platforms are the preferred choice among America’s leading employers. EHE provides each client with free, HIPAA-compliant access to the health-outcomes data it collects. Through its independent research advisory board, EHE provides analytical benchmark data that helps employers gauge the overall health status and culture of their organizations.