Author: Eve Marx

Eve Marx is a journalist and professional Reiki Master. She writes often about relationships and spiritual and physical healing. She is the author of the novel BEDDINGTON PLACE: Watch Your Back, Cover Your Tracks .

woman walking in snow

How to Have A Harmonious 2017

Posted by Eve Marx

A new year has started, and you’ve probably made yourself some promises. In case you haven’t, here are some suggestions: … Read More→

therapy horses

The Mini Horses that Heal

Posted by Eve Marx

“We were at an event in San Pedro and a man whose son suffers from multiple disabilities – the boy … Read More→

woman at farmer's market looking at vegitables

What Makes a Good Farmer's Market?

Posted by Eve Marx

It’s a typical farmer’s market scene: freshly harvested honey from local hives, locally rendered goat cheese, carved wood ornaments. Perhaps … Read More→

Eve Marx on a horse

The Human/Animal Connection

Posted by Eve Marx

Editor’s note: There’s evidence that owning a pet has several health benefits: lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular … Read More→

Aging Well

The Beauty of Aging

Posted by Eve Marx

by Eve Marx How did I feel seeing Joni Mitchell’s 71-year-old face splashed across the cover of a national magazine? … Read More→