Author: James P. Owen

After a successful 35-year Wall Street career, James P. Owen found new purpose in being an author, inspirational speaker, and social entrepreneur. His book, Cowboy Ethics, a best-seller with more than 150,000 copies in circulation, and two follow-up volumes, Cowboy Values and The Try, put a spotlight on the importance of shared values and personal character in our society. Jim’s books and speeches also launched a grassroots movement that has reached thousands of businesspeople, educators, students, and parents around the country. Along the way, Jim established a nonprofit foundation, the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership, to help support and amplify those ongoing programs.

Now Jim has expanded his focus, becoming a passionate evangelist for fitness as a way of life. In his speaking engagements, he reminds audiences that being in shape helps older adults stay mobile, active, and independent, enabling a quality of life no amount of money can buy. Fitness could also play an important role in combatting serious chronic diseases and controlling health care costs as our nation’s over-50 population balloons.

Jim shares this message in his newest book, Just Move: A New Approach to Fitness After 50 (National Geographic, September 2017), a realistic fitness guide that puts the reader in charge as it inspires, empowers and informs without overwhelming, providing a flexible, step-by-step program readers can tailor to their own specific needs.

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