Author: Jill Caruso RN, BSN, CANS

Jill Caruso RN, BSN, CANS is a Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and one of only 220 practitioners with credentials from the Plastic Surgery Nursing Board. Jill began working as a cosmetic injection practioner more than 7 years ago, and started working alongside Dr. David Fox at Fox Vein Care in 2014.  She specializes in anti-aging treatments and clinical skin care. Using injectable fillers, neurotoxins, chemical peels, lasers, and Kybella, Jill softens the signs of aging.  Her “less is more” philosophy and innate artistic ability, combined with a passion for personalized patient care allows her to give her clients the most optimal outcome; their most beautiful, natural self.
Jill holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. She also has earned a Certificate in Design from Parsons School of Design and holds a New York State Esthetics license. Her background in medicine, design, and skincare gives her a distinct approach when analyzing a patient’s face and determining an individual treatment.