How Do You Find Your Ideal Job?

Your ideal job is the activity that allows you to be your natural self, the person you are when you are free from conditioned behavior. By conditioned, I mean the choices you make based on beliefs and values you think you should have in order to be seen as successful.

For example, you believe you have to be fast in words and deeds to keep up with people in the limelight who appear to have it all together. How much they get done becomes the standard by which you measure yourself, and so you push yourself to take on more and more responsibilities. In reality, you work best at a slow pace that allows time to reflect. Your natural self values clarity over popularity, yet here you are, working in a job or business that requires you to behave in a way that is at odds with your innate personality.

On the other hand, you may isolate yourself because you are afraid of the spotlight when what you need is exposure to a wide variety of people to stimulate your imagination. Your natural way of working is to initiate change, solve problems and get things done, not be the passive reactor. As you can see, too much or too little stimulation leads to feelings of alienation, a sure sign you are not in the right niche in work.

To alleviate the stress that comes from adapting to external rather than internal motivation, you may resort to escapes like food, alcohol, TV, the Internet, socializing, or entanglement with others’ problems to keep the despair at bay. Generalized irritability is another symptom that arises when your actions conflict with what you need to be happy and productive. The good news is that you can change adaptive behavior, since it does not reflect who you are.

What Do You Do When You Don’t Feel Pressured

What you do when you don’t feel pressured to conform to others’ definition of success is a good indicator of natural behavior. These choices give you satisfaction and pleasure. They also bring out the best in you. When does this happen and what are you doing? Are you alone, with one other person, or in a group?

Who you are can be defined by what holds your interest for a long time. You never get tired of learning about this subject. The ideal job would use your curiosity to help clients or an employer who has the same interest. Let’s say you are fascinated by one-of-a kind accent furniture, how it’s made, who makes it and who buys it. If working with your hands comes naturally to you, creating your own furniture would be the right path. If selling and publicizing an artisan’s work sounds exciting, helping to market her creations is the niche where you will excel. Again, the right work is natural, so natural it does not feel like work.

Use Your Experience