Is It Luck or Brains?

I wear my red kabbalah string. I wear a gold good luck piece around my neck.

Of the two lucky items, my red kabbalah string is far more significant in its meaning. I do believe at times good luck knocks on our doors… a chance happening, a force, causes good things to appear.

I believe, in 99% of instances, you and I must make our own good luck.

Nevertheless, I continue to wear my red string and my gold charm around my neck. My red kabbalah string is truly comforting; guards and protects me (in my mind) and reminds me to always ‘be aware’ of the force of luck lurking around my corner. It makes me listen to my inner feelings.

My gold charm is lovely to look at with its many lucky charms embedded into its circular disc. A four leaf clover, an elephant, a horseshoe, an evil eye, the Arabic good luck sign, a heart and a number 13. I don’t feel strongly about it but I figure, every bit of luck helps. I am very attached to a tiny gold Chai (meaning long life in Hebrew) hanging on the same connecter, a gift from my brother, Scott, brought back from Jerusalem. My good luck pieces feed my spirit. They do not bring me luck.

People, circumstances my attitude and my brain bring me luck. And dear readers, people and circumstances and your attitude and brains do the same for you.

At this passage in our lives, we have to keep our eyes, ears and minds open to the suggestions and advice of others for some will shed information that will impact our lives and bring us good fortune. That is, if we listen and act. The source does not have to be a person we know well or a person at all. It can be an article we read or a speaker we hear or even a visual we see.

One of my close friends, Tova, said to me a few weeks ago, “It is not what you know, it is who you know.” She was referring to medical situations. Who you know, not what you know, dear readers, may save your life and bring you luck, a long life. Use your brains.

We are informed by doctors we should have a yearly mammogram, a once a year body skin check with our dermatologist, a yearly physical and a routine chest x-ray. You initiate your own luck by being proactive. Your life is in your hands. Use your brains.

Listening to others and being proactive has saved my life more than a few times. Did I look at my red string, the charm around my neck and ask God to bless me. I sure did. But it was my brains that thrust me into my luck, not my good luck pieces.

On the issue of dating for those of you widowed or divorced or never married… you are your own good luck charm. Don’t turn down a date. You may meet someone other than your blah date that evening. Keep yourself fit, informed and spirited and most importantly…be a good picker. Don’t rush. It is the most important decision you will make in your life. Use your brains.