Living Like a Kindergartner

I was doing some spring cleaning in my office when I noticed a small, worn book that carries a big punch. Nestled among more contemporary works from John Maxwell, Steven Covey and Malcolm Gladwell was a bestseller from 30 years ago, with advice that surpasses all the gurus of success. I set aside my busyness with a cup of coffee to read the entire book.

Three decades ago, Robert Fulghum wrote All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten. In this collection of life stories, he shared principles that are so simple, yet too often forgotten as we search for more complicated answers in our insatiable search for self-improvement tips. Fulghum was so right…wisdom is not found in higher education, leadership development courses or self-help books.

As we strive for a flourishing life, let’s keep things simple as we return to the basics, the things our parents and teachers taught us when we were young, impressionable, and dependent on their wise guidance. The good old days of The Golden Rule, boundaries and respect. The times when life was not so hectic, but instead full of wonder. It’s really not that difficult to find deeper meaning in life when you focus on Fulghum’s advice.

Living a good life comes down to these simple lessons. It doesn’t have to be complicated, does it?

I think I’ll keep this little book in a prominent place on my desk as a reminder to approach life like my grandchildren, with childlike awe and unbounded love for the world.

Cheers to living like a five-year-old!