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Stress Can Be Good for Us

The older I become, the busier I am. You would think this would create a great amount of stress, but it is quite the opposite… if it is healthy stress.

As we age, I think we become more in touch with our physical feelings and emotional thoughts. Dear readers, your body talks to you. When you are faced with negative stress, don’t you feel a red light telling you to stop? And when you are faced with positive stress, don’t you feel a green light telling you to go? I do.

I find my positive stress light to be revealing because it signals me to go, even when I am creating insurmountable stress. It leaves me with a feeling of excitement and contentment because I am doing what gives me stressful pleasure. By my age, I know what makes me feel content and satisfied. Those positive feelings propel me into a meaningful personal lifestyle. Stop and think about your lifestyle. Are you good to go or are you feeling too much negative stress and need to stop?

Negative red light stress can raise your blood pressure, give you headaches, cause digestive problems and put you at risk for heart disease. It is up to you, and only you, to disengage from unfulfilling activities and delete people that are not filling up your cup. Add projects and people to your life that stimulate your mind and make you smile.

The topic of stress came to my mind yesterday when I had a conversation with a man who had open heart surgery. He brought up the relation between stress and his heart attack.

So last night I dreamed about some of my most stressful situations. They were a mix of red stress and green stress. My moves to Honolulu, Hawaii and Chicago were green stress. The rest were red. I was able to turn all of them to green because of my mindset. I had the emotional tools to eventually make sweet lemonade out of lemons.

You have all suffered from red stress. At this time, some of you are in serious or uncomfortable situations. You don’t know what to do or where to turn, but you can certainly turn some situations green. However, others hover over like a black cloud. It is up to you to create something in your lifestyle to distract you from these situations. You are in control of your stress.

I suffered long term and incurable red stress when I learned I had cancer. I was so sad and terrified. For years I would say every night to my ultimate concierge, “I am terrified.” I would begin worrying weeks in advance what my upcoming cat scan would show, asking myself a hundred times, “Will it be back?” It was RED STRESS personified.

Looking back to those difficult times ten years ago, I tried very hard to control my red stress. Sometimes, we have to feel our fear, sadness and disbelief, while we search for ways to distinguish our negative stress. I found that taking care of my health, following my doctor’s orders and living a relevant and engaging lifestyle kept my head above water.

Here is how I tried to turn my red stress to green stress: