Taking Good Care of Myself

Button up your overcoat when the wind is free, take good care of yourself, you belong to me!  I remember hearing my aunt sing it when I was a child.  Taking care of others is important to many of us.

​​I realize as we age we experience more medical problems, joint issues and even tire faster than we once did.  I just turned 57, and I totally understand this.

​ I read that after menopause we women have to be even more strict with ourselves, particularly in taking care of our hearts (cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death among women).

​We can’t put off taking care of ourselves. We may think we don’t have the time, but we need to feel that we are as important as the people we take care of.  We probably won’t climb mountains, but we can take small steps.  We can say no to things once in a while!   We can even take a walk instead of glancing at Facebook posts, or playing online games.

​Yes we can eat healthy meals in restaurants while travelling.  We can follow our exercise routine one more day. ​I have an obligation to take care of my body and my health.

I am proud of how hard I worked this year to get stronger, more confident, and happier.  I am not worried about holding on to my youth…heck, I did not treat myself well back then and the last thing I want to do is go backwards.   I don’t need to be a size four.  I need to be healthy.

​​I am done scolding now.  And by the way, this rant is not just for us fifty somethings….It is for everyone! Especially younger people.  You may not like exercise but do it anyway.  Do it for your heart.  Do it also for those you love, for they will thank you for being healthier.  I am sure they love your company and want you around for a very long time.

​I still button up loved ones overcoats when the wind is free as I love taking care of people.    I want everyone I love to be in my life for a very long time.

But I also want to take good ​care of myself first because I belong to me!