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Running Amok

Posted by Darcy Thiel

Scott, my therapist, talks about “the perfect storm” that I seem to find myself in often. You know the kind. […]



Posted by Ellen Dolgen

Are you afraid to cough, sneeze, laugh, or exercise, because you may leak urine? Sadly, you can’t simply dial your […]

group of birds flying

Just for a Lark

Posted by Sally Franz

Have you ever wondered how the names for groups of animals came into existence? Wonder no more. Take pride in […]


The Broken Girl

Posted by Donna Ryan

There once was a broken girl who suffered anxiety and was sickened by it every day. Everyone thought she was […]

shoe a horse

Hold Your Horses

Posted by Sally Franz

I just received a letter from the National Zoo Keepers Association. Wow, I never knew there was such a thing. […]