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Bobbi Brown's Top Tips for Youthful Skin

Beauty is much more than skin deep, but your face is where your health, happiness, and age truly show. Youthful-looking skin boosts your confidence—because simply put, “when you look good, you feel good,” says Bobbi Brown, international makeup mogul and author of Beauty from the Inside Out. With tweaks to your skincare and makeup routines, plus a focus on internal wellness, you’ll enhance your natural beauty and always put your freshest face forward. Here are Brown’s top seven tips for younger-looking skin:

You are (and look) what you eat Beauty begins from the inside out, and how you choose to nourish your body directly shows on your face. Eating a diet balanced of nutrient-rich foods will instantly make you feel and look healthier: Dark leafy greens (kale, alfalfa, spinach) support and increase collagen production in your skin; avocados are loaded with healthy fat, fiber, and antioxidants that make your skin glow; coconut oil is rich in good saturated fats that can reduce inflammation and promote overall skin health. And drink tons of water—Brown aims for at least eight glasses per day. It flushes out toxins and hydrates skin.

Get up and go Whether you take an aerobics class or just a walk around the block, toned gams aren’t the only benefit you’ll reap from daily exercise. “Breaking a sweat every day elevates your heart and gets your blood flowing, which gives your face a beautiful, healthy flush,” says Brown.

Say “om” There is a direct link between skin health and stress—the stress you endure in life shows up on your face in a whole host of issues, from acne to dark circles. “To manage stress, you must restore your body and our mind,” explains Brown. Turn off your smart phone occasionally, do deep breathing exercises, or take a yoga class. But when a stressful situation does present itself, try this calming exercise: Inhale deeply for a count of three; exhale; and repeat ten times.

Moisturize (twice) A great moisturizer is a must-add to your skincare routine—and better yet, layer on two hydrating products to give your skin the all-around anti-aging treatment. Brown’s secret: “I start with a lightweight, hydrating moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin; over that, I layer a thicker, denser balm that locks in the moisture and instantly plumps up the face.”

Don’t be embarrassed to blush Putting on a full face of makeup an exhausting task and can actually make you look older. Simply wearing a blush that resembles the color of your cheeks after you exercise is the easiest way to give your face an instant lift and healthy glow. For an added pop of color, Brown suggests applying a brighter shade over the natural one directly onto the apples of your cheeks.