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Diet & Nutrition

How Sweet It Is: All About Sugar Substitutes

Posted by Sondra Forsyth

Whether it’s to cut down on the number of calories they consume or any of a variety of other reasons, some people use sugar substitutes – also called high-intensity sweeteners – to sweeten and add flavor to their foods. They can be used alone to sweeten foods and beverages such as iced tea or coffee, or as an ingredient in other products. There are a number of sugar substitutes on the market from which to choose.

Diet & Nutrition

Fruits and Vegetables: Fresh vs. Frozen and Canned

Posted by Sondra Forsyth Sondra Forsyth

By Sondra Forsyth Plenty of people assume that fresh produce is healthier than the frozen and canned versions, but that’s not always the case. Flash-frozen fruits and vegetables are actually better for you than most fresh produce. The same goes for many canned vegetables if the salt content is low, and for many canned fruits if no sugary syrups are added. (Tip: Rinse canned vegetables to lower the salt content, and buy canned fruits packed in their own juice.) Why Frozen and Canned Products Are Healthy

Diet & Nutrition

Update on Leptin & Appetite Control

Posted by Adprime Admin

Twenty years ago, scientists found that the hormone leptin regulates metabolism, appetite, and weight through brain cells called neurons. Now Yale School of Medicine researchers have discovered that the hormone also acts on glial cells in the brain cells to control appetite. The study, published in the June st 2014 issue of Nature Neuroscience, could lead to development of treatments for metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

Diet & Nutrition

The Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics

Posted by Sondra Forsyth

By Sondra Forsyth Both prebiotics and probiotics are essential components of a healthy diet. Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics, which contain live bacteria. Together, they help promote the growth of the good bac- teria in your intestines and maintain your gut’s ecosystem. When a food contains both substances, it is called synbiotic: a synergistic combination of the two. Prebiotics

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Home Remedies to Keep Normal Skin Looking Young

Posted by Soriyya Bawa

By Soriyya Bawa If you have normal skin, you may feel like you’ve won the skin care lottery. But despite what the name may suggest, normal skin requires just as much care as oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. Before you rush out to rake up as many anti aging skin care products as you can, take a look around your home—you may already have everything you need to make your own anti-aging home remedies for normal skin.

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Diet & Nutrition

5 Ways to Use Less Salt

Posted by Jane Farrell

Salt often gets a bad rap, and in fact it can increase your blood pressure. But at the same time it’s essential. Here, from the experts at Harvard Medical School, are the basics of sodium consumption some strategies for getting your salt intake to a safe, healthy level:

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6 Ways to Kick the Salt Habit

Posted by Jane Farrell

  There’s no doubt we all need a little bit of salt each day. But we’re eating way, way too much of it. Experts have differed in the amount of salt needed each day. The American Heart Association recommends a limit of 1,500 mg a day. On the other hand, a recent, controversial study convened at the request of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came up with a limit of 2,300 mg a day.