low fat label

Beware the Label!

Posted by Jane Farrell

Think you know which packaged foods are good for you? Think again, because researchers have found that terms such as “no-fat,” “low-fat,” “no-sugar, or “reduced salt” on food packaging rarely … Read More→

woman in kitchen with child

Healthy Eating for Families

Posted by Jane Farrell

March is National Nutrition Month–a time to shed some light on our food choices and how we can develop some sound eating and physical activity habits. Health professionals seem to … Read More→

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Diet & Nutrition

Best Heart-Healthy Food Choices

Posted by Jane Farrell

Experts affiliated with the nonprofit Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) have recommended whole food, plant-based eating patterns for optimal heart health. The recommendation, by PCRM president and founder Neal … Read More→

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When Medications Work against Weight Loss

Posted by Jane Farrell

While diet, exercise and behavior modification are essential components of obesity management, a successful long-term weight loss strategy should also include avoiding or minimizing medication-related weight gain, according to researchers. … Read More→