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Multivitamins Could Reduce Male Cataract Risk

Posted by Jane Farrell

Men may lower their cataract risk if they take daily multivitamins over a long –eriod of time, according to a study published in the journal Ophthalmology. Researched based at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School – as part of the Physicians' Health Study II (PHS II) – conducted a study from 1997 to 2011 of 14,641 U.S. male doctors age 50 and older.

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Weight Loss and Weekend Splurges

Posted by Jane Farrell

If you want to lose weight, eating well during the week may be more important than avoiding weekend splurges. Researchers from Cornell University, in collaboration with researchers from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology, examined the impact that the seven-days-a-week human cycle has on weight.

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Weight Loss

3 Best Practices for Winter Weight Loss & Wellness

Sara Gottfried, OB/GYN, MD, a Harvard Integrative Physician and the author ofThe Hormone Cure, shared this advice by Alexandra JamiesonCHHC, AADP, an author, holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, detox expert, chef, and “cravings whisperer.” She has been seen on Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, CNN, Fox News, USA Today and People Magazine.

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Home Remedies to Keep Normal Skin Looking Young

Posted by Soriyya Bawa

By Soriyya Bawa If you have normal skin, you may feel like you’ve won the skin care lottery. But despite what the name may suggest, normal skin requires just as much care as oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. Before you rush out to rake up as many anti aging skin care products as you can, take a look around your home—you may already have everything you need to make your own anti-aging home remedies for normal skin.

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5 Ways to Use Less Salt

Posted by Jane Farrell

Salt often gets a bad rap, and in fact it can increase your blood pressure. But at the same time it’s essential. Here, from the experts at Harvard Medical School, are the basics of sodium consumption some strategies for getting your salt intake to a safe, healthy level:

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6 Ways to Kick the Salt Habit

Posted by Jane Farrell

  There’s no doubt we all need a little bit of salt each day. But we’re eating way, way too much of it. Experts have differed in the amount of salt needed each day. The American Heart Association recommends a limit of 1,500 mg a day. On the other hand, a recent, controversial study convened at the request of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came up with a limit of 2,300 mg a day.


Foods That Whiten Your Teeth

Posted by Jane Farrell

We love the look of pearly whites. But constant bleaching isn’t just costly, it can cause mild to severe pain. If you overdo it, the chemical can eat away at your tooth enamel. The good news is that certain fruits and vegetables will can help make your teeth sparkle naturally. Check them out and you might be able to skip some bleaching treatments.