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Mixed Messages About How to Brush Teeth

Posted by Sondra Forsyth Sondra Forsyth

Advice on how we should brush our teeth from dental associations and toothpaste companies worldwide is “unacceptably inconsistent”, according to research done at the University College London and published in August 2014 in the British Dental Journal. The study looked at the brushing advice given by dental associations across ten countries, toothpaste and toothbrush companies, and in dental textbooks. The team found a wide range of recommendations on what brushing method to use, how often to brush, and for how long.

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Why Bad Breath Complaints Heat Up in the Summer

Posted by Bob Kross PhD

By Bob Kross PhD Whether it’s a picnic, beach day, family gathering or a night out with friends, summer is a time when people come together for fun. Don’t let that great social buzz kill, bad breath, spoil the fun! For a significant number of people bad breath, also called halitosis, is an unnecessary embarrassment caused by malodorant sulfur compounds created by putrefying bacteria in your mouth, primarily in crevices of your tongue.