Senior Health

Aging is part of the cycle of life, but rather than be defined by pain, disability, or mental decline, advanced years can be full of health, growth, and well-being. There are many health concerns that are particularly of concern for those that are aging, and maintaining your health is in large part connected to being well-educated about different things that could happen. Learn more about key issues in Senior Health here:

Senior Health
Vision Health

What You Must Know About Glaucoma

Posted by Sondra Forsyth Sondra Forsyth

By Sondra Forsyth In April of 2013, I went for my annual eye exam. I’ve worn glasses or contacts for distance correction ever since elementary school but over the years, other than the usual age-related need for “readers”, I’ve never had any vision problems. This time, though, I saw a look of concern flash across the optometrist’s face when she did the test for ocular pressure. “Is something wrong?” I asked.

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Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias

ThirdAge Health Close-Up: NPH, the Curable Dementia

Posted by Sondra Forsyth

By Sondra Forsyth During 2004, when Alicia Harper was 69, her husband began to notice heartbreaking changes in the way his smart, vibrant wife was behaving. "She was becoming disconnected," Nildo, now 83, says. "She was confused and always forgetting things. And when we would visit with any of our four children and eight grandchildren, she didn't seem to feel anything for them. I just assumed she had the beginnings of Alzheimer's disease. I took her to several doctors and they thought so, too."

Senior Health

Medicare Provision Helps Boomers Stay Well

Posted by Judy Kirkwood

By Judy Kirkwood   If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as Ben Franklin noted long ago, shouldn’t our health system reward and emphasize prevention rather than the cure? In fact, just a few days ago the Obama administration hired a PR firm to conduct a public education campaign about the utilization of preventive benefits and services included in the Affordable Care Act.