Aging Well

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Aging Well

Moving Do’s and Don’t’s

Posted by Ross Sapir

According to recent studies, 61% of people place moving homes at the top of their stress list, ahead of relationship breakdowns, divorce or even a new job. One way to … Read More→

Aging Well

Telomeres – A Key to Aging?

Posted by Diane Blum

In each of the human body’s cells there are 23 chromosomes, which are twisted, double-strands of DNA molecules. Chromosomes are vital as they provide our singular genetic map to every … Read More→

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Aging Well

New Longevity Genes Identified

Posted by Sondra Forsyth

Centenarians show successful aging as they remain active and alert when they’re 100 years old and beyond. Scientists at Stanford University and the University of Bologna have begun to unravel … Read More→