Money Matters

Money Matters

Curb the Cost of Vaccines

Posted by Ruth Macklin PhD

Few medical interventions have been as successful as vaccines in improving public health. Whether they are childhood vaccinations, vaccines to prevent healthy adults from contracting influenza or the more recent … Read More→

Money Matters

6 Ways to Steer Clear of Identity Theft

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Editor’s note: These days, people are more vulnerable than ever to identity theft, and many seniors find themselves faced with it at the most vulnerable time in their lives. A … Read More→

Money Matters

The Documents Every Woman Should Have

Posted by Jane Farrell

There’s more to managing your money than the shoebox filled with crumpled receipts under your bed. According to Patrice C. Washington, Money Maven of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, organizing paperwork and keeping track of financial and legal documents is imperative to your financial well-being. “It is hard to stay on top of your finances if documents are scattered about,” Washington says. “On top of that, many women don’t know which types of documents they need or even where to start.”