Living Well

grandparents with grandchildren

Study: Help Others and Live Longer

Posted by Jane Farrell

Older people who help and support others such as their grandchildren live longer, according to a news release about research conducted by investigators from Australia, Switzerland and Germany. The team … Read More→

woman with eye strain

Remain Healthy While Seated

Posted by Jeff Davidson

The more you sit the worse it is for you. Whether you work with a desktop, laptop or tablet, or some combination thereof, it’s too easy to fall into unproductive, … Read More→

creative writing book - poetry

Creative Activity Contributes to Well-Being

Posted by Jane Farrell

People who engage in everyday creative activity may experience an “upward spiral” of increased wellbeing and creativity, according to researchers from New Zealand. In their study, Department of Psychology researchers … Read More→

computer keyboard spyware

Online Security Tips While Traveling

Posted by Jane Farrell

Travelers often worry about flight delays, bad weather and disappointing accommodations when thinking about the factors that could ruin a vacation. However, a lack of secure Internet access and haphazard … Read More→