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Coloring: The New De-Stressing Technique

Remember coloring as a young child and the joy of filling page-after-page with bright colors of your choosing? Today’s kids had better hold onto their crayons because coloring isn’t just for them anymore.

Grownups, across Europe and now the U.S., are hopping on the coloring bandwagon.  Adult coloring began trending last year when enthusiasts – mostly women – began posting their vibrant creations on social networking sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to sharing the images, ardent fans told their personal stories about using coloring as a soothing, creative way to unplug from the high-paced, digital world.

Before long, informal coloring gatherings for adults had begun to sprout up.  Organized coloring groups appeared next and soon there were professional coloring classes.

Caught off-guard, retailers couldn’t keep up with demand.  A shortage of the most popular coloring books attracted media coverage, fueling even stronger sales. The coloring craze continued to grow.  By June of this year, Amazon reported its biggest selling items were a handful of adult coloring books, and the books were so popular they couldn’t keep them in stock.

To everyone’s surprise, adult coloring had gone mainstream.

I became aware of the coloring trend last spring when I came across a New York Times article online.

Intrigued with the notion of using coloring as a destressing activity, I decided to give it a try.  While most colorists use pencils and very thin markers, I opted for a new pack of trusty crayons and a selection of small cards for my first project.

From the start, I could see the attraction.  The motion of coloring is calming, and I enjoyed the process of selecting colors and working through the drawing to completion.  I wouldn’t say coloring has transformed my life, but it does provide a welcome reprieve from the incessant chatter going on inside my mind.

Grownup coloring isn’t entirely new.  What’s different now is the size of the market and the variety of intricate, high-quality, stylized coloring books.

Created by talented artists, these are not your children’s coloring books.

Visit the Barnes and Noble website, to see adult coloring books spanning a wide range of subjects from flowers, cityscapes, wildlife, modern art, and mosaics.  Amazon offers an even larger selection of sophisticated coloring books and accessories.  Prices range from a few dollars to a few hundred.  However, coloring remains a relatively affordable hobby as quality books can be purchased for around $10, plus the price of the colored pencils.

“I love coloring,” said Kim Fischer, a Minneapolis health coach and educator.  “Since I’m a Type A personality, coloring helps me slow down, stay present and give my mind a rest.  Some people knit, but I love the ritual and creative outlet of coloring.  It’s perfect for me because I can partake in a conversation and enjoy the company of others while still creating a coloring project. ”