How to Stick With Your Fitness Program

Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions that you didn’t keep? I think we have all had good intentions to do things over the years, yet didn’t follow through. We usually start out enthusiastic about the change, and then after a while our enthusiasm goes by the wayside. Why is that?

My friend and colleague Art Turock has a theory that the problem stems from the difference between interest and commitment. For example, when interested exercisers who have started a walking or running program wake up and find it raining outside, they lie back down and say, “I think I’ll exercise tomorrow.” But when committed exercisers wake up and find it’s raining, they get out of bed and say, “I think I’ll exercise inside today.” People who are interested in doing something will do it if all goes as planned — but give them a hiccup or two and they don’t follow through. People who are committed to do something will continue to do it, no matter what. In other words: They keep their commitment to their commitment.

I’m one of those people who couldn’t keep my commitment to a fitness plan alone. I needed help. That help came from my friend Tim Kearin, a health and fitness coach who had been patient with me for a long time. Each year we went through the same routine: Tim would receive a call from me early in the year to begin a fitness program. I would get underway with enthusiasm, but after a month or so I would gradually become too busy to keep my commitment to my commitment. The process would start again at the beginning of the next year.

I finally realized that if I were going to become fit once and for all, I would need to behave on my good intentions for myself rather than because other people wanted me to do it. Tim worked with me on my fitness journey every step of the way. Not only were we successful, I’ve been able to stay committed and for three years now have been in the best shape of my life with no end in sight. I hope that by sharing these tips with you, you’ll be inspired to keep your commitment to your commitment to do something that will improve your life, too. I’ll turn it over to Tim now so he can give you some specifics.

Selecting the Right Program for YouSeveral very important elements must be put in place when preparing for your own program.

Have a compelling purpose. Remember, whether you have a health-driven purpose, a cause-driven purpose, or a personally driven purpose, it must be your purpose, not someone else’s. You are doing this yourself.