A Matchmaker's Seven Steps to Finding Love

Read any book on how to succeed in business or about the traits of highly effective people and it will quickly become clear that there are common habits/ behaviors required to succeed. What if we applied those same high standards to our personal life – dating in particular? Below, Dana Michel, founder and president of a new dating site, Marriage Material, offers seven surefire tips on how to successfully find love.

1. Be Decisive

Don’t waste time with people who are not marriage material or do not treat you well. I know it gets lonely sometimes; however, spending time with a person who you are too embarrassed to introduce to friends, family and colleagues is a complete waste of time.

Your romantic partner has a huge impact on you and your life. If things aren’t going the way they should, make moves to free yourself up and be available for a relationship with someone who wants what you want.

Act like other highly effective professionals who aren’t afraid to be decisive and to make tough calls quickly when circumstances require it. Once you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, then don’t hesitate–make it. And once you make a decision, then stick with it unless there is a particularly compelling reason for you to change it.

2. Be Proactive

Stephen R. Covey’s bestseller, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, notes that you have to be proactive if you want to achieve success. Super productive people understand that achievement doesn’t happen magically on its own. The same applies to finding love in 2015.

If you passively wait to meet someone special in the supermarket, or on the subway, you will probably have to wait a very long time or it may never happen at all. You would never take such a haphazard approach at work so why would you do that when looking for a mate?

3. Prioritize

It is impossible to meet someone special if you don’t make time for a personal life. Don’t work 60-80 hours a week and then go straight home.

If you don’t have clear objectives, time will pass without any progress. Carve time out to be social. Sign up for a running club or designate one day a week to go out to singles events.

4. Commit

Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) or not meeting someone immediately deter you from your objective. Remember, you could do everything right and still not meet someone special right away. You have to remain committed and stay the course. Focus on the final goal!

5. Have Confidence

Don’t view a few bad dates as a failure or that you will never find love. Each date, only brings you closer to that perfect someone.

Highly effective professionals know deep down inside they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Failure is not an option.

Have you ever met someone who was not “your type”; but the person had such confidence you wanted to be in their presence? Self–confidence is always sexy!

6. Be Optimistic