Mental & Emotional Health

Seven Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring is almost here, and many people will jump into the annual spring cleaning ritual in their homes and offices, trashing the old and getting rid of the clutter.  But how many people will be spring cleaning their minds, or getting mentally organized?

Of you’re not mentally organized, you’ll be wallowing around unclear about what you want and unsure if you’re competent enough to get it.

Here are my tips to get mentally organized:

–        Seek solitude: Human beings need recovery strategies if they are going to be at their best, day in and day out.  One of the best spring cleaning strategies for the mind is the act of solitude – or simply getting away and getting quiet because it creates more space between your thoughts and helps you escape the bondage of excessive cognition. Even just 20 to 30 minutes a day will be very beneficial.  

–        Master Time Management: With the busy lives we lead, one of the best things anyone can do is take control of their time.  The key is to use time, rather than allowing time to use you.  No one can truly manage time, yet everyone can better manage activities.

–        Compartmentalize Your Emotions: Perhaps the greatest spring cleaning trick is compartmentalization of your emotions.  This is the ability to manage multiple problems and maintain emotional control while solving each problem individually.  Don’t get bogged down in every little detail of every little problem and become overwhelmed.  While amateurs get tangled in emotions, the pros are grounded in logical problem solving.

–        Be More Decisive: The problem with indecisiveness is it clogs the mind and reduces self- confidence. Stop being timid and lacking confidence in your own abilities. Instead, become courageous and confident.  Learn to make a decision and be fully responsible for the outcome.  Decision-making skills are like muscles: they can only be built through use.

–        Learn to Forgive: If you really want to free your mind, learn to forgive. While most people plot revenge, champions learn to release their enemies and move on. Make a list of all the people you feel have slighted you to some degree, and give yourself the gift of a lifetime by forgiving them. You don’t have to tell them; simply forgive them in your heart by coming to terms that we are all fallible human beings.

–        Have more fun: One of the keys to spring cleaning the mind is to have more fun. Do things that encompass your natural talents, abilities, and, most of all, your passions.  No matter how busy you are, set time for fun each day and better yet, find a job that you see as fun.