Skin Health

Sugar: The Secret Skin Assassin!

By Ron Cummings

The Good

Wow, we sure like our sugar. After all, what’s not to like? Imagine that it’s the end of a long, hard day. You get home and put on your favorite TV show, kick your feet up, and dig in to a bowl of your favorite ice cream covered in an assortment of decadent toppings. And, for millions of us, that mid-day candy bar is just a regular part of life. Let’s face it ,our favorite sugar-laden goodies are just flat out pleasing, comforting, and of course delicious! Sugar satisfies one of our favorite desires: instant gratification. We love sugar; we crave it. It’s just plain good.

The Bad

That said, there’s not a single one of us who doesn’t know that sugar, especially in excess, is bad for us. It’s terrible for our teeth, destroys our mood, makes us gain weight and severely alters our overall blood chemistry. We have to admit that sugar simply ruins our health. Naturally, we continue to indulge our sugar obsession, despite the detrimental consequences of eating sugar. We can all agree life is too short not to enjoy our favorite dessert, right? Lots of things are bad for us, so what’s the big deal? If enjoying sugar means an extra few pounds around my midsection, then I guess that’s okay, right?

Some of us think that, maybe, if we just watch our sugar intake a little and not go too crazy, then we’ll be able to enjoy the good of sugar and, maybe, the bad of sugar won’t really affect us too much. When it comes to sugar, most of us are willing to take the good with the bad because we want to have our cake and eat it too.

By now, most of us have been bombarded by endless antisugar messages. There are always new studies on how sugar adversely affects our health, our kids’ attention spans, and the obesity problem that seems to be getting worse by the year. No matter what anti-sugar messages we read, see and hear, we simply refuse to give up our beloved sugar.

However, there is a new and powerful message coming out from the scientific community about sugar, and whether it’s time for us to give it up.

The Ugly

Sugar is making you ugly! What? Yes! Excess sugar in our bodies is now being revealed as one of the most damaging elements to our appearance. As it turns out, these sweet little sugar molecules are leading a double life. After they pass over our taste buds and give us that amazing sugar buzz, these appealing friends of ours change their personalities and go on a seek-and-destroy mission. In a process called glycation, excess sugar in the blood stream in reality attacks the proteins throughout our bodies. As a matter of fact, these sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins – much like a parasite. Once bonding happens, that particular protein becomes glycated; or, in other words, sick.