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Trainer Bob Harper Had a Heart Attack: Does This Mean We’re All Doomed?

So while your genetics may increase your risk, keep in mind that so do various other environmental and lifestyle factors. You can be proactive and lower your overall risk by changing some of the aforementioned behaviors that increase your chances of getting heart disease.

You can also get preventive screenings and tests done before symptoms emerge so you can work with a knowledgeable health care professional to decrease your risk. That’s what I did when I tried whole genome sequencing. My test results say my risk of heart attack is “moderate high.” The good news is I can be proactive and do something about my moderate high risk for heart attack, including eating a healthy diet with fatty fish and omega-3s, exercising, refraining from smoking and heavy alcohol consumption, reducing stress and  treating existing conditions such as high blood pressure or cholesterol

Whole genome sequencing may give you a better picture of your genetic predispositions, which may not only help you make informed choices but those in your family as well.

You can also consider asking your doctor about blood tests that check your cardiovascular health, including inflammation, lipid deposits, endothelial dysfunction, clotting factors and more.

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