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Find out the risks & benefits of amniocentesis, when and how amniocentesis is done, and what disorders and defects this … Watch Video→

04.Nuchal Translucency

Nuchal Translucency

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A nuchal translucency scan is a screening test for assessing whether your baby is likely to have Down’s syndrome. Find … Watch Video→

03.Chorionic Villus Sampling

Chorionic Villus Sampling

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Chorionic villus sampling or CVS is a prenatal test, which is used to diagnose certain birth defects and genetic abnormalities … Watch Video→


Prenatal Screening

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Prenatal screening tests are used to find fetal abnormalities–learn more about how these tests can help you have a healthy … Watch Video→


Smoking while Pregnant

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Smoking when pregnant can cause a baby to be born too early or to have low birth weight—making it more … Watch Video→


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or FAS, is the top known preventable cause of developmental and physical birth defects in the USA. … Watch Video→


Alcohol and Pregnancy

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Drinking alcohol while pregnant has been shown to cause harm to a baby as it develops in the womb—learn more … Watch Video→


Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

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Staying healthy when pregnant means knowing what you can and can’t eat… find out what foods to avoid when you … Watch Video→

12.the Baby Blues & Post Partum

The Baby Blues & Postpartum

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Feeling sad after having had a baby? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Post-partum depression affects many women, but the good … Watch Video→