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HIV Red Ribbon

HIV 101

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Learn more about HIV with this video – watch for more information from thirdAGE.


Condoms 101

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Condoms protect against unwanted pregnancy and STIs—but did you know that there are different kinds of condoms? Learn more here.



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Anyone who’s sexually active can get gonorrhea. While this disease can cause very serious complications when left u treated, it … Watch Video→



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Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease, which can be easily cured. But if left untreated, chlamydia can make it … Watch Video→

01.Safer Sex

Safer Sex

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Safe sex can help protect you from STDs–learn more here!

02.HPV Vaccines

HPV Vaccines

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Help protect BOTH your son and daughter from certain HPV-related diseases.

01.HPV 101

HPV 101

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HPV is now the most common STD in the USA, affecting people of all ages. Find out everything you need … Watch Video→