Spiritual Health

What's Your Message?

March is Spiritual Awareness month, a time to gather the holiness within us and grow it. We are all connected by a common thread of spirit and humanity that runs through our souls. We each hold a piece of the big puzzle of life, and all of us are needed to complete the picture. God is both intimately close to us, and beyond measure in reach and love. We are extensions of God’s own love, and we each have a specific reason for being here. Put simply, our common purpose is to love ourselves and others to the best of our abilities. Our paths are all different, as are the gifts and talents we have to offer. When each of us aligns with our unique purpose, things tend to fall into place.

We are the chosen ones, all of us.

“To be chosen does not mean that others are rejected.” Henri Nouwen

We are all chosen and we are here at this time, in this place to do something specific, to share a message, to bring out the best in others, to serve in some way or another, the goal of love.

Life can get so busy and crowded that if you aren’t careful to carve out quiet time, it’s almost impossible to hear your own voice, feel your own heartbeat, and see your own path.

Where is your center, the place where you are strong and steady on your feet? Where is your ground? Stand on that, and it will balance and root you to your best self, to your soul. The truth is that you were born beloved and already perfectly you. To the extent that you were encouraged to be you and not just the reflection of those around you, you came to know and love yourself. However, even with the best of parents, family and community, you can get lost from yourself in an attempt to please or protect yourself from others, and that takes you on a road far from the best of your true self. It’s time to reclaim and cherish yourself, and know that you here for a reason.

A conk on the head and a near death experience showed me my own purpose and left me with a message to share. It was a sunny, cold January day in the Southern California mountains, where I was hiking up a steep and rocky mountain with a couple of friends. We had packed a simple lunch and planned to climb to a large boulder about 3/4 of the way up the slope, and eat as we took in the view. I can remember looking up to the boulder to gauge how far we needed to go, and then my memory gets fuzzy. I think we were about half way up the mountain when a large rock bounced down from above us and hit me squarely on the forehead. I never saw or felt it hit me, nor did I feel my body as it bounced down the mountain like a rag doll. The instant the rock hit, I was mercifully out of my body and onto a journey I will never forget.