Why You Should Get Creative with Your Food!

By Jon Yaneff

People show their creativity in different ways. You may sing, dance, rap, paint, sculpt, design, direct, write, cook, or go with the flow with something else and give it your own unique spin. Your canvas can be anything that you desire, including your plate.

What you choose for your meals—your ingredients, dishes, utensils, oils, and spices—is all part of the bigger picture that is your creative mind, heart, and soul. Every decision you make is a work of art.

Even your kitchen is a masterpiece. It is a reflection of who you are. What is on your refrigerator? How did you choose your oven? Was it the price, shape, or color? Is there a particular design of your kitchen table that was custom built to fit your imagination?

What you eat can also spark your creative juices.

Consider any famous artist in the world. World-famous Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso consumed a lot of fish and spinach, which are foods excellent for brain health. The well-known American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway often ate fish, meats, avocado, and other fruits, which also helped increase the creative juices of his brain. Several actors and artists today eat plant-based diets, and, when done properly, can give you more energy and several health benefits for a longer life.

A combination of what you eat and how you eat it will bring many creative benefits, which helps one creative act lead to another. Here are five tips to add more creativity into your kitchen cooking that may lead to other works of art as well.

Give Limitless Time for Your Creation

Everyone is busy. That’s a timeless story in North America, which leads to meal planning or even sometimes unhealthy takeout choices. Consider blocking off a three-hour window for two meals a week to just unwind and take as much time as you want to make the meal. This will eliminate any restrictions on thinking a meal has to look a certain way.

Part of cooking healthy and nutritious meals is the fun and love you put into them. It may not take long to make a meal, but you shouldn’t rush or limit yourself. Rid yourself of time constraints to allow your creative juices to flow more freely.

Don’t Use a Recipe

Recipes sometimes hold people back. A pinch of this and two tablespoons of that is a method that is definitely useful; however, you know that everyone is eating the exact same meal. On occasion, it’s fun to just let go and be free of any rules. That way, when the meal is ready to serve, it is completely unique, and you are using your intuition instead of what someone else told you is correct. When you taste as you cook, you innately know that your meal will turn out as you had envisioned. Write down your recipe, and one day you may creatively be selling your cookbook.

Add More Color