10 Tips for Staying Fit for the New Year

Editor’s Note: After the season for holiday dinners, desserts and drinking with family and friends, you may need some help getting your fitness game on again. Bedros Keuilian, personal trainer and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, has come up his expert tips on how to stay fit and on track during the holiday season.

Below, please find my top ten tips to looking and feeling your best after the holiday season and into the New Year:

  • Aim to stay on your fitness program throughout the entire holiday season, even if you only have time to squeeze in a quick workout.
  • Plan out your workouts ahead of time to make sure you leave yourself enough time to get in a good workout.
  • Try to set fitness goals for yourself that can come as a gift to yourself at the end of the holidays.
  • Don’t overdo the dieting – make sure you allow yourself a planned “cheat day” to reward yourself for your hard work.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you miss a workout or two, just make sure to jump right back into your routine.
  • Although you will be eating more throughout the holidays, try to stay on a consistent eating schedule to keep your metabolism up and running.
  • It’s okay to have dessert on the holidays, just remember portion size and try not to overindulge in anything.
  • Bring a family member who’s in town to work out with you and use each other to stay on track.
  • On the days the gym is closed, be sure to get as much of a workout in as possible at home – even if it’s only a couple sets.

Get the family outside before dinner – start a quick game of football that can help everyone get active before the big meal.

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