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5 Tips for Dealing with Adult Braces

It is becoming common amongst adults to wear braces to fix misaligned and crooked teeth. However, it may not be an easy change, especially in the beginning. You need to follow the right practices like dental hygiene care while you have braces, eat the right foods and visit your orthodontist regularly. Even after your orthodontic treatment is over, it is important that make sure to use a retainer after braces.

Here are 5 tips to help you deal with adult braces.

  1. Pretend You Don’t Have Braces

It is normal to feel a little self-conscious about your braces. You may focus a lot on your braces, how they make you look or what others may think about them. Stop spending a lot of time in front of the mirror and analyzing your appearance.

Pretend your adult braces don’t exist. Consider it a normal part of your body for a few months. People may stare at your braces but don’t let it get under your skin. Most people will stare out of curiosity more than anything else.


Make a joke about your metal braces and carry on with the conversation. And if people do laugh about your braces, just ignore it and keep calm. Remember that braces are just temporary and will give you a straighter set of teeth in the end.

  1. Interact with People

When adults have braces, they find it daunting to talk to people. You may feel like everyone will be too focused on your braces or comment about them. However, you will be surprised by how many people don’t care about them.

Your friends won’t act weird just because you have braces. Neither will  others. Make the effort to meet new people or make new friends. Doing this will give you a boost of self-confidence. Do not isolate yourself just because you have braces.

Remember that braces are just temporary and will give you a straighter set of teeth in the end.

  1. Be Mindful of What You Eat

Getting braces as an adult doesn’t give you a pass when it comes to eating anything you want. The same food restrictions will apply to you as the kids and teens who have braces.

Stay away from hard and sticky foods as they may break or stick to the wires and brackets. Avoid sugary foods and foods with a high starch content as they can cause plaque build-up around the brackets. This will lead to gum diseases, cavities and stains on the teeth.

Stick to a softer diet to get the maximum benefits from the orthodontic treatment. Consult with your orthodontist about what you can and cannot eat.

  1. Always Carry a Toothbrush

One of the best ways to take care of adult braces is to carry a toothbrush every time you step out the door. This way you can brush your teeth after you eat, regardless of where you are. Even if there is no food stuck to the visible parts of the teeth, it is better to brush your teeth to get out the food stuck in the hidden corners.

It will barely take a few minutes and it will benefit your teeth in the long run.

  1. Take Excellent Care of Your Teeth

The adult braces before and after results are great, but you have to follow a strict oral regimen of brushing and flossing. You have to take proper care of the teeth when you have braces, without which you may struggle with gum diseases, cavities, and plaque.

Wear your retainer after the braces come off. Otherwise, your teeth will try to go back to their original positions, making the whole treatment useless. Always use a mouthguard while playing sports to protect your teeth from injury.




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