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5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Skin

With festivities and family gatherings flooding the calendar from November through New Year’s, it’s easy to neglect our skin health during the busy holiday season.

Thankfully, there are small steps you can take to ensure your skin stays aglow this year. I recommend the following five tips for achieving healthy holiday skin.

  1. Stop Drinking by 9 p.m.: 

    You read that right. Alcohol is very dehydrating and too much — especially in a concentrated period of time — can add up to dull skin. Opt for flavored soda or sparkling water after 9pm for a bubbly effect minus the booze.

  1. Make Time for Exercise: 

    Working out is a healthy habit all year round, but particularly during the decadent (and let’s face it, stressful) holiday season when physical health often takes a backseat. In terms of skincare, exercise promotes healthy blood flow that keeps skin looking vibrant!

  1. Treat Yourself: 

    Give yourself the gift of great skin and try out a new treatment you’ve never experienced before. From cryofacials to micro-needling, the holiday season is a great excuse to get pampered.  microneedling

  1. Wear Sunscreen: 

    Are you one of the lucky ones who gets to escape to a warmer climate this winter? Lucky you! But even if you’re staying put, it’s important to wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside and especially when engaging in outdoor winter sports.

  2. Avoid Overwashing: 

    Nothing feels better on a bitter cold night than a warm bath, but lounging in the tub can be very drying to the skin. Water is a solvent and warm water is particularly effective at removing our skin’s natural oils. Choose a fuzzy robe and socks instead.

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki is the author of the bestselling book Beyond Soap, the founder of the Bay Dermatology Centre and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, divisions of Dermatology and Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Toronto. She is a consultant dermatologist at St. Michael’s Hospital. A well-known expert on skin irritants, she has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Nylon, SHAPE, The Bump, PARENTS, Elle Canada, Chatelaine, and The Globe and Mail. Her television and radio appearances include ABC 7 Midday San Francisco, Good Day DC, Your Morning, ET Canada, CTV, CityTV, Global News, CBC Radio, The National and CBC National News. For more information, please visit

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